Snowflakes and SchnappsBy Jane LawsonSnappy ReviewGorgeous and delightfully rich winter fare. As with most cookbooks this is a coffee table delight, and on those cold and wintry days, pull it out. I heartily recommend the Osso Bucco on pg 124, Meatballs with Vodka Dill sauce pg141, Janssen’s Temptation (swoon) pg 148. I also have it on good authority that the liquorice custard with coconut lime macaroons is sheer deliciousness. Don’t be put off by the seeming complicated recipes. They’re well put together, straight forward and end up in something that everyone will be praising.SynopsisJoin Jane Lawson as she takes you on a culinary journey through the magnificent cold-climate cuisines of northern, central and eastern Europe. From the seaside towns of Scandinavia, to the alpine villages of Austria, from the ski fields of France, to the fairy-tale castles of Germany comes this enticing collection of traditional recipes with contemporary flair. Celebrate the season of winter and enjoy this irresistible selection of simmering soups, hearty meals and indulgent desserts that will warm you to the core. From humble and satisfying classics to glamorous feasts worthy of a celebration, you are sure to be inspired by the mythical winter wonderland of Snowflakes and Schnapps.