The Shadow YearsBy Hannah RichellSnappy ReviewIt’s one of those stories that slowly sucks you in, and just when you think you can’t possibly deal with the character’s pain any more the story twists and you’re left reeling.
Ideals we held when we were young, and the mistakes we wear to this day – A wily tale.
SynopsisIt comes out of the blue: a package with a letter and a key. Lila Bailey has no idea who, but someone has bequeathed her a remote lakeside cottage and the timing couldn’t be better; with her marriage unravelling, the house offers the perfect escape.

Once there, Lila finds solace in renovating the old cottage, but something about it is unsettling and she wonders more and more about the previous inhabitants. Why did they leave in such a hurry, with their belongings still strewn about? And why can’t she shake the feeling that someone is watching her? As a year at the lake unfolds, Lila uncovers long-forgotten secrets and discovers that the past can cast a very long shadow.