To The SeaBy Christine DibleySnappy ReviewA gorgeous story that melds Gaelic mythology and the wild Tasmanian coast. What started out as a crime read just became…. Beautiful.SynopsisA dangerous yearning echoes through generations … On a clear summer’s day, Detective Inspector Tony Vincent answers a call-out to an idyllic Tasmanian beach house. Surrounded by family and calm waters, seventeen-year-old Zoe Kennett has inexplicably vanished. Four storytellers share their version of what has led to this moment, weaving tales which span centuries and continents. But Tony needs facts, not fiction: how will such fables lead him to Zoe and to the truth? As Tony’s investigation deepens, he is drawn into a world where myth and history blur, and where women who risk all for love must pay the price through every generation. For fans of Kate Morton and Alice Hoffman.