Oh no! The dread builds and spills over to awareness. He could feel it happening again. He promised himself he would let it happen, he wouldn’t lose control and then he was gone. Twirling, turning, confusing. Laughing, crying, spinning. Black and light. Sparks. Colour. Voices. Far away voices. Bass beat, thumping, unceasingly. Turning, twirling, spinning. Black whirling, colour sparks. ‘Mad’ whispers voices as he whirls. And gone. ‘Mad’ laughs the black turning. Colours, beating bass, thumping. Laughing, spinning, turning. Twirling. ‘Mad’ voices shout. Spinning. Turning. ‘Mad’ voices sing. Twirling. Whirling. ‘Mad’ whispers the darkness. ‘Mad’. And gone. He loses himself in the music, ignores the stares and laughter. Feels the bass creeping down his spine making him move. He knows he is too old to be acting like a kid but this song! This song. His song. He was there when it began. These kids weren’t even born. He is taking this song back. This song. His song. ‘Mad’ whisper the voice and he laughs hysterically. ‘Mine’ he yells twirling, whirling, giggling. ‘Mine’ he yells back at the madness. And gone.