7 /10

The Stratford Hollow

by Mike Hollow

Snappy Review

Crime during the War, an evocative tale that brings the past to life.

Book Synopsis

October, 1940.
Bombs are falling on Stratford when air-raid warden Sylvia Parks sees a house with a light shining like a beacon to the enemy aircraft overhead, violating the strict blackout regulations. With no answer at the door she manages to break in, only to discover the body of a young woman – and she’s been strangled with a stocking.

For Detective Inspector John Jago, the scene brings back memories of the gruesome Soho Strangler, who murdered four women in the mid-1930s but has never been caught. Is there a connection?
As the investigation develops, it leads him into a web of family jealousies, violence, robbery and the underworld of political terrorism.