8 /10


by Heather Rose

Snappy Review

I’m not sure what I was expecting…. But every now and then I had to shake myself from being drawn in, reminding myself that despite the phenomenal insight into the intricacies of bureaucracy, and the plethora of ‘Tasmanian’ references and in-jokes… this is FICTION. A great read about short term economic growth in a small island state.

Book Synopsis

The brilliant and explosive new novel from the author of the award-winning The Museum of Modern Love.

Why is a massive bridge being built to connect the sleepy island of Bruny with the mainland of Tasmania? And why have terrorists blown it up?

When the Bruny bridge is bombed, UN troubleshooter Astrid Coleman agrees to return home to help her brother before an upcoming election. But this is no simple task. Her brother and sister are on either side of politics, the community is full of conspiracy theories, her mother is fading and her father is quoting Shakespeare. Only on Bruny does the world seem sane. Until Astrid discovers how far the government is willing to go.

Bruny is a searing, subversive novel about family, love,loyalty and the new world order. It is a gripping thriller with a jaw-dropping twist, a love story, a cry from the heart and a fiercely entertaining and crucial work of imagination that asks the burning question: what would you do to protect the place you love?

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