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Blacktop Wasteland

By S.A. Cosby

Snappy Review

Holy! Strap yourself in and make sure that seatbelt is tight – because this is going to take you on the fastest ride of your life! “Edge of seat” doesn’t even come close to explaining the thrills and speed of this tale!


A searing, stylish and compulsive crime novel perfect for fans of Don Winslow, Attica Locke and Bill Beverley.

“Bug” Montage: honest mechanic, loving family man. He’s no longer the criminal he was – the sharpest wheelman east of the Mississippi.

But when his respectable life crumbles, a shady associate comes calling with a one-time job promising a huge payout. Inexorably drawn to the driver’s seat – and haunted by the ghost of his outlaw father – Bug is yanked back into a savage world of bullets and betrayal.

Like Breaking Bad in a high-speed collision with Drive, this dazzling novel holds up a cracked mirror to the American Dream – and tells the story of one man pushed to his limits by poverty, race and a self-destructive masculinity.