The Mermaids SingingBy Val McDermidSnappy ReviewWhen a Policewoman recommends a crime writer – that’s kudos right there – so I dived in.
A little gorier than I was used to, but a fascinating tale, great twists, and a few things that I never saw coming.SynopsisGold Dagger Award winning serial killer thriller introducing Tony Hill, criminal profiler and now hero of THE WIRE IN THE BLOOD, the hugely successful TV drama series. You always remember the first time. Isn’t that what they say about sex? How much more true it is of murder…Up till now, the only serial killers Tony Hill had encountered were safely behind bars. This one’s different – this one’s on the loose.Four men have been found mutilated and tortured. As fear grips the city, the police turn to clinical psychologist Tony Hill for a profile of the killer. But soon Tony becomes the unsuspecting target in a battle of wits and wills where he has to use every ounce of his professional nerve to survive.A tense, beautifully written psychological thriller, The Mermaids Singing explores the tormented mind of a serial killer unlike any the world of fiction has ever seen.