9 /10

The Frost Fair Affair

by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Snappy Review

Don’t be dissuaded by their size – theses novellas are all-encompassing, with wit, humour, action, romance, magic and politics – all wrapped up in Gaslamp Fantasy.

Book Synopsis

Our heroine stumbles across a precarious plot while printing political pamphlets…

Thanks to last Season’s scandal, Miss Mnemosyne Seabourne is now officially notorious. Wintering in Town, she hopes to use her new celebrity to campaign about the unfair restriction on portal travel for ladies… while being quietly courted by a certain handsome spellcracker.

As the river freezes over and a spectacular Frost Fair sets up on the ice, Mneme finds herself beset by secret societies, spies and sneaky saboteurs. Who stole her political pamphlets? Who is leaving dead bodies around printing presses for anyone to find?

Mr Thornbury knows more than he’s letting on. If she can’t trust the man she hoped to marry, Mneme is just going to have to unravel the mystery for herself, quickly enough to save both of their lives.

If you enjoy vintage spy adventures, flirtatious couples and cozy sleigh rides, you’ll adore this exciting paranormal cozy novella.

Book 2 of the Teacup Magic series.