By Tad WilliamsThe Dirty Streets of Heaven – Hodder & StoughtonSnappy ReviewA change of scene from one of my favourites and I still love it!
Urban fantasy. In this case; gritty legal wrangling between Heaven’s advocates and Hell’s, with your soul on the dock. And the big question?
I think it’s still out there, happily unanswered and waiting for our imaginations! SynopsisSure, he takes the occasional trip to Heaven, but his job as an advocate – arguing the fate of the recently deceased – keeps him pretty busy on Earth, and he’s more than happy to spend the rest of his time propping up the bar with his fellow immortals.
Until the day a soul goes missing, presumed stolen by ‘the other side’.
A new chapter in the war between heaven and hell is about to open. And Bobby is right in the middle of it, with only a desirable but deadly demon to aid him.