9 /10

The Archers – Home Fires at Ambridge

by Catherine Miller

Snappy Review

I’ve not ever heard the Archers series, but I know it by reputation and now having read the novel – I’m desperate to hear more about them.

Book Synopsis

It’s 1941 and the war rumbles on. Nowhere is immune to the effects of war, not even Ambridge. But in England’s favourite village, something else is occupying the residents…

When a prominent villager dies, the main beneficiary’s name is a mystery, and no one knows who is set to inherit the estate, cottage and all. The name is hidden within a locked box and the villagers much uncover the password to find out the name of the beneficiary. So when five people are each sent a packet of seeds, the mystery deepens – could the seeds be part of a clue? And can they all work together to unlock the mystery and to discover who is set to inherit?

This is the perfect read for all Archers fans.