Murder at the House of Rooster HappinessDavid CasarettSnappy ReviewUtterly unique and appealing from start to finish. A mystery that unravels at a gentle pace with characters that are delightfully understated.Synopsis

A fascinating mystery set in Thailand in the vein of Alexander McCall Smith, where a nurse ethicist turns detective.

Ladarat Patalung, for one, would have been happier without a serial murderer in her life. Then again, she never meant to be a detective in the first place. But while content in her role at the Chaing Mai Hospital in Thailand as the nurse ethicist, Ladarat couldn’t resist when police detective Kuhn Wiriya came to her with his dilemma. Two nights ago, a young woman brought her husband to the emergency room, where he passed away. Now someone remembers her coming in before, with a different husband (who also died).

Is there a serial killer on the loose? One who likes to murder her husbands? And what else can one lone nurse ethicist do about it, but investigate?