I Hear Sirens in the StreetBy Adrian McKintySnappy ReviewCold and bleak with a few Bond-like moments, great read that’ll put you on the street and in the middle of the action…. With consequences.SynopsisDetective Sergeant Sean Duffy returns for the incendiary and critically acclaimed sequel to The Cold Cold Ground.

There’s no such thing as a perfect crime. Sean Duffy knows this. He’s back at work and ready for the avalanche of horrors that awaits him, beginning with a torso in a suitcase, dumped in an abandoned factory. Fully fit after the severe trauma of his last investigation, Duffy is ready to follow the trail of blood – however faint – that always, always connects a body to its killer.

From an international businessman to a beautiful young widow, ancient police notes to ambassador’s records, country lanes to city streets, Duffy works every angle. And wherever he goes, he smells a rat .