7 /10

Frederica in Fashion

by M.C. Beaton

Snappy Review

Don’t take is as a serious historical novel and you will enjoy it immensely! Although even I had a few issues with some facts and phrasing, it cracked me up!

Book Synopsis

Whether dressed in her finery or disguised as a frump, he wanted her just the same!

How can plain Frederica withstand a Season’s scrutiny after the five beauties before her have married so magnificently? The only solution is to run away from home…

Disguised as a chambermaid, Freddie soon finds her way into the household of the fashionable Duke of Pembury. But the wild gentleman is soon on to her tricks and finds himself escorting Freddie back to London, where, once again on the marriage mart, her sisters make over the tomboyish runaway until even she cannot recognise herself!

But a certain gentleman can, and so it would seem that Freddie is not fated to be plain – or unmarried – after all….