Forbidden Fruit – A Nell Forrest Mystery 3By Ilsa EvansSnappy ReviewCracker cosy crime delivered up in a small Australian town with a functioning dysfunctional family element.
From swingers in the seventies to a modern twist on potential parenting, a great light read on what is unveiled when the skeleton is in the backyard, not the closet.SynopsisThe last thing Nell Forrest expected when she tried to plant a tree was to unearth the skeletal remains of a former resident. Now her new backyard is swarming with police, there’s a television news crew camped next door, and once again she is smack in the middle of a murder investigation. And the timing is dreadful. Two of Nell’s daughters are about to give birth and she is surrounded by new in-laws with agendas of their own.
But it soon becomes clear that this time the investigation is personal – so personal that enquiries bring her long-estranged father back into the family fold, and the answers shed some very uncomfortable light about the proclivities of her parents when they were young. Who would have thought that the little country town of Majic had ever been such a swinging place to live?