Dead ColdBy Louise PennySnappy ReviewAfter reading the first quite a while ago I popped back to revisit Louise Pennys writings and the small town of Three Pines.
Completely sucked in ? an electrocution on the ice? A fantastic whodunit taking in a small coterie of fascinating characters.SynopsisThe second Inspector Gamache novel, reissued and repackaged by Sphere.
Winter in Three Pines, and the sleepy village is carpeted in snow. It’s a time of peace and goodwill – until a scream pierces the biting air. A spectator at the annual Boxing Day curling match has been fatally electrocuted. Despite the large crowd, there are no witnesses and – apparently – no clues.
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache discovers a history of secrets and enemies in the dead woman’s past. But he has enemies of his own, and as he is frozen out of decision-making in the Surete du Quebec, he has to decide who he can trust…