CommunityBy Hetty McKinnonSnappy ReviewFinally a salad book with not a lettuce leaf in sight! Recipes look complicated, but aren’t and not one has ever missed the mark! Faves: Chargrilled Zucchini and Pearl Barley with Whipped Feta and Dill (pg151) Chargrilled Cauliflower with Fried Butter Beans and Pumpkin Hummus (pg77) and the Baked Sweet Potato with Rocket, Feta and Black Olive-Walnut relish (pg57)SynopsisCommunity is all about sharing good food, giving you endless ideas on delicious salads to serve up for your family, friends and neighbours. These simple, sustainable and healthy recipes feature fresh, seasonal produce and inject colour, life and flair into that most modest of everyday meals: the salad. Rather than being simply sides,Community’s salads are meals in their own right, giving vegetables, legumes, herbs and nuts their moment to shine. The recipes in Community are inspired by author Hetty McKinnon’s community kitchen, Arthur Street Kitchen, where Hetty single-handedly made and delivered homemade salads to residents in Surry Hills, Sydney. All by bike! Hetty’s salads use only the freshest produce, sourced locally wherever possible. Inspired first and foremost by the seasons, Hetty also takes cues from what she sees, smells and experiences from the world around her. At the heart of every dish is a core vegetable, around which a thoughtful culinary story is built, resulting in honest, inventive and hearty salads that deliver big, punchy flavours.