8 /10

Annie Stanley all at Sea

by Sue Teddern

Snappy Review

It took a little to get into the story, and then what a ride. Bittersweet, funny, touching and heartwarming. I even got out my knitting project afterwards.

Book Synopsis

Will losing her dad be the thing that finally prompts Annie Stanley to find herself?

Only she could decide to say goodbye by stealing her father’s ashes and taking him on one last adventure . . .

Annie Stanley is single, unemployed and just a bit stuck when her beloved father dies unexpectedly. Furious at her stepmother’s plans to scatter his ashes somewhere of no emotional significance, Annie seizes the urn and, on a whim, decides to take it on a tour of the thirty-one sea areas that make up the shipping forecast, which her father used to love, despite spending his life in landlocked St Albans.

Travelling around the coastline of Britain searching for the perfect place to say goodbye, Annie meets a unique cast of characters and reconnects with various figures from her past. As she works through her grief and tries to fix her combative relationship with both her stepmother and her sister, she starts to wonder if it might be time to re-think some of the other decisions in her life – including breaking up with her ex . . . but is it too late for a second chance?

A novel about love, loss and the importance of living life to the full, Annie Stanley, All at Sea by Sue Teddern is proof that it’s often the most difficult moments in life that show us what really matters.