A Trick of the LightBy Louise PennySnappy ReviewFinally! Claras big showing. And of course it doesn’t go to plan, not they anyone realises until the next day. Fractures appear in the pursuit of artistic endeavours and murder most tragic once again strikes Three Pines. But for all of that it never reads samey.
This is a series you can read one after the other and never tire of.
SynopsisThe next chapter in the internationally bestselling Chief Inspector Gamache series.
In the green depths of spring, morning breaks on a woman splayed in a bed of flowers her eyes wide, her neck broken.
Her death is a mystery; so is the woman herself. But as Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his team peer into the dark corners of the victim’s past, they expose a secret that rots at the very heart of their community – a secret that will implicate someone they’ve trusted for years.
And as Gamache knows too well, in the flickering shadows of death, the truth may be just a trick of the light.